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As as student of Art History, I studied the work of the “gesture painters” and “colour field” artists and my photography is very much influenced by this period. At the Glasgow School of Art I studied the art of black and white photography. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of pushing inherently representational photography towards the abstract and turn the familiar into something unexpected. Since moving to digital I am discovering that the developing processes I like best are a continuation of the ones I learnt in the darkroom at the School of Art. As my photography evolves and improves I continue to learn from the greats, both photographers and artists, of the past.
I photograph, edit, print and mount all my own work. I have also started experimenting with video, combining both sound and vision, still and moving images in short film.
My aim as a photographer is to be inspired by my locations, to interpret and filter the image through very simple editing and ultimately to create an image that catches the viewer and resonates with them.

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St Mary's Dalsmirren, Southend, Campbeltown, Scotland PA28 6RN
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