About us

Artmap Argyll is a social enterprise company that formed as a membership network of artists.

Our Vision is for Artmap Argyll to be nationally recognised as a vibrant network of Argyll Artists that celebrate and promote the art created in Argyll, sharing skills and collaborating to make art accessible to all.

Artmap Argyll Aims to:

Support Artists to Make and promote art that is created in Argyll.

Engage wider audiences in art activities through Open Studios, workshops, events and bespoke projects.

Connect the artists of Argyll with each other through our network, and with people who are interested in art and creativity.

Our Objectives are to:

  1. Provide opportunities for artists to exhibit, tutor and sell their work from an Argyll base
  2. Increase access to arts based experiences and learning opportunities for the communities of Argyll, particularly young people
  3. Facilitate networking, collaboration and partnership projects
  4. Raise awareness of Artmap Argyll’s work across a wider geographic area
  5. Become more financially sustainable with a part time paid resource in place.