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Artist Open Studio

I make images using a basic type of camera – a box with a pinhole in one side. Often my process starts by first making a camera – pinholes can be very simple objects – and then capturing images.

I find that pinhole cameras, for all their simplicity, can create beautifully complex images of light and motion. I aim to capture these moments of complexity and can often be found on (or off) the coast of Argyll with a camera.

Artmap Argyll area
Contact Information
3 Kennovay, Tayvallich, Tayvallich, Scotland PA31 8PJ
Open Studios 2021 opening
Friday 20 to Monday 23 August
Saturday 28 to Sunday 29 August
By appointment at other times
Online only
Notes for visitors

Round Tayvallich bay and pass the shop and church on your left. The house is on the right just beyond the church. The studio is around the right-hand side of the house.