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Artist Open Studio

Alastair is a painter in thickly-applied oils. He approaches the canvas with few preconceived notions of what he might want to paint: a piece might begin by following the lines left from a thin burnt umber ground or with a few random gestures in black. In so doing, he hopes to remove the obstacle of deliberate self-expression and clear the way for something authentic and alive to emerge.

Alastair will be exhibiting at The Dochas Centre in Lochgilphead throughout August 2023.

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Contact Information
The Dochas Centre, 50 Campbell St, Lochgilphead, Scotland PA31 8JU
Open Studios 2023 opening
Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 August
Midweek 21-24 August
Friday 25 to Monday 28 August
Open at other times of year (contact for details)
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Notes for visitors

The exhibition will be on at The Dochas Centre throughout the month of August 2023.