Louise Oppenheimer

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Artist Open Studio

The smell, colour and texture of wool delights my senses and the tactile pleasure of weaving to create a solid structure, allows time for contemplation and imagination to thrive.

Design begins with line drawn images using fine pens but when weaving I rely on intuition to lead the way as journeys are so much more than the sum of their parts if their destinations are shrouded in mystery.

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Contact Information
East Cottage, Drimvore, Kilmichael Glassary, Scotland PA31 8SU
Open Studios 2022 opening
Saturday 20 to Sunday 21 August
Friday 26 to Monday 29 August
By appointment at other times
Online only
Notes for visitors

Outwith Open studio dates the studio is open all year round by appointment or do feel free to take a chance if passing, to knock on the door where a warm welcome awaits