Call to artists for 2019 Taynish Art Trail

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Artmap Argyll is looking for submissions from artists who would like to take part in the Fifth year of the popular Taynish Art Trail event. The trail runs from the car park, down to the Mill and the shores of Loch Sween. All artwork must relate to Taynish, and preference will be given to ideas that are designed with a particular location in mind.
The common theme for this year will be ‘Transformations’. Through the course of time, our beloved Taynish continues to transform and evolve in response to human and natural influences. From our changing seasons, changing land practises, atmospheric moods, light to dark, tadpoles to toads, acorn to oak, nymph to dragonfly, caterpillar to butterfly, egg to chick, seed to flower… Our environment is constantly transforming around us and our idea for this art trail is to try and capture some of these incredible transformations through the form of art.
For more information please look at the Artmap website for a review of last year’s event. We would also recommend walking the route for inspiration.
Artwork can be 2D or 3D. It is exhibited at the artist’s own risk. SNH staff will help with installing the work. If it is for sale, a small percentage of the proceeds is taken by Artmap as commission. Many visitors pass through the reserve every year, and whether or not the piece is for sale, it is a great way to get work in front of a wide audience.
If you are interested, please submit your idea/ proposal to the Reserves Manager, Heather Watkin at by Sunday 31st March.
An Art Trail gathering at Taynish National Nature Reserve car park is proposed for Wednesday 10th April to discuss installation logistics with the reserve staff.

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