Artmap Argyll response to the coronavirus (COVID-19)

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The network of artists that are the core of Artmap Argyll and the organisation itself are all affected by the challenges of the coronavirus. The artists are normally self-employed and will be managing the impact on their own studios in line with guidance from the Scottish and UK Governments.

There are no immediate activities or events of Artmap Argyll that are affected. We have considered the potential impact on the Open Studios planned for the end of August and the event will still go ahead as planned. 

The open studios open in 5 month’s time and the current reporting on restrictions are focusing on a 2-3 month time horizon before restrictions start to be relaxed. Major artists are also rescheduling events from early summer to August and beyond, which gives us confidence that the open studios event will run as normal.

As restrictions start to relax we will all want to move on from the current challenges. The work of the Artmap Argyll artists can inspire locals and visitors alike as many in the artistic community are doing at present. The open studios event is an ideal opportunity to mark these changes and is also important to help the artists recover from the financial impact of the current restrictions.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and in the meantime encourage everyone to follow the Government guidance on social distancing and hand washing so that the challenges we face pass as soon and smoothly as possible.

Thank you for your support for Artmap Argyll

Brian Barker

Chair, Artmap Argyll

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