Mogs Mellor

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Artist Open Studio

I paint under my nickname, ‘Mogs’ .
I have always had a passion for art. I read History of Art at Edinburgh University and graduated with an MA in 1980. Recently I have tried to make more time for painting. I enjoy experimenting with styles and mediums. I get inspired by something I see and then try and paint it . I love trying to capture the light on the hills and on the sea.

Contact Information
Barndromin Farm, Knipoch, Oban, Scotland PA34 4QS
Open Studios 2020 opening
Friday 21 to Monday 24 August
Saturday 29 to Sunday 30 August
By appointment at other times
Online only
Notes for visitors

My studio is open from 11am to 4pm on the days that I am open.

The studio is at Barndromin Farm, six and a half miles south of Oban on the A816. The farm driveway is about 500 m south of the Knipoch Hotel and you will see the creamy white farmhouse set back off the road on the hillside overlooking the loch. My studio is in an old kitchen at the farmhouse. Drive up to the main house and it should be obvious !