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Artist Open Studio

Mary-Lou Aitchison is a landscape photographer specialising in high quality images of Argyll.
Living at Keills for thirty years has made her familiar with the ever-changing mood of Argyll’s coastal landscape, created by the shifting weather and sea, and by light reflected from the water and sky; from ominous and threatening to pastel-coloured calm.
Her project highlights these moods by photographing the same scene repeatedly, focussing on an island in the Sound of Jura – the only parts of her pictures which remains the same while the light and weather change around them.

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Open Studios 2023 opening
Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 August
Midweek 21-24 August
Friday 25 to Monday 28 August
Open at other times of year (contact for details)
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Notes for visitors

A warm welcome awaits you at my open studio at the end of the Keills road, five miles from the village of Tayvallich. This year I am sharing my space with Melanie Chmielewska whose beautiful sculptures will also be exhibited here.
Tea and cake will be offered with donations to a charity, so why not come down and have a cuppa, sit in the sun and soak up the atmosphere! The paps of Jura ( the subjects of my artwork ) can be seen from the decking at the studio.