Kate Bauen-Hughes

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Artist Open Studio

Born and raised in Glasgow, Kate received her first BSc in her 20’s and went on to finely develop her artistic career alongside activities as a colour chemist which she utilizes today in her artwork to create her distinctive Neo-Naïve style. After studying with OCA, and privately at various master ateliers in Switzerland, 2018 saw Kate move her studio to the Isle of Tiree. where you can find her at Tiree Art Studio.
Kate’s work has been, for many years, exhibited and sold around the world and can be found in both public and private collections.

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Contact Information
Tiree Art Studio, Crossapol, Isle of Tiree, Scotland PA77 6UP
Open Studios 2024 opening
First weekend 17 & 18 August
Midweek 19-23 August
Second weekend 24-26 August
Open at other times of year (contact for details)
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