Open Studios 2015

poster 2015 edit128th – 31st Aug 2015 10am – 5pm
8th Annual Open Studios
Artmap artists welcome new visitors and old friends into their
studios for another red dot trail, along many roads from Dalmally
to Campbeltown and across to Jura, Luing and Mull over this
fantastic four day event.
Spend a day of discovery, traveling through beautiful landscape,
following red dots to the studios of your choice, bring friends
and family to collect red dot stickers for an opportunity to be
entered into the prize draw and feast your eyes on the wealth of
talent thriving in Argyll today.
Many of the artists welcome visitors throughout the year but this
event allows for a lovely , informal atmosphere where people
can come together, visitors and artists alike, to celebrate all that
inspires our human need for creativity.
Whether you are keen to buy or to learn more of the processes
involved in making, painting, printmaking, glass fusing, working
with wood, wool or willow to name a few of our chosen mediums,
you are sure to find much to please so step through those
doors and indulge your curiosity!
Please note: Many artists do not have card facilities should you wish to make a

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